1.Cango Cave – Known for it’s immense beauty, large formations and extensive cave system the Cango cave is one of the most spectacular tourist caves in South Africa. The cave was first explored by a local farmer in the area names Jacobus Van Zyl ……more

2.Sudwala Cave – dolomite chambers measuring 70m in diameter and 37m in height, a formation rich cave on route to the lowveld. The oldest evidence of habitation in the Caves takes are in the form of a fine collection of stone age tools, ranging in date from Early Stone Age

3.Sterkfontein cave – The cave where the famous Mrs Ples was discovered, although not rich in formation provides an insight into early man and an extensive tour of the fossil records of human development. Discovered by Guglielmo Martinaglia while busy looking for lime addits to mine.


4.Echo Cave – Cave contains impressive stalactites and stalagmite formations. Discovered by a local farmer looking for his heard of cows which had mysteriously dissapeared

5.Wonderwerk cave – the cave system containing impressive drip stone and flow stone  formations located close to Sterkfontein and in the world heritatge site. Known to Speleologists in South Africa for some time.

6.Wonder cave – This ancient cavity is estimated to be 2, 3 billion years old. San cave paintings dating back 10 000 years have been discovered. Used by the initial landowers as accomodation due to the size and nature of the cave

7.Makapansgat – This world-famous archaeological site has several caves, and has yielded numerous fossils of Australopithecus africanus, our ape-man ancestor



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